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  • It seems you have e-cig shops opening everywhere now, unfortunately not a mirage shop near me, so i still buy on-line, as i have found nothing else that comes anywhere near the quality and reliability of mirage products, -  Steve Bragg Nov. 2014
  • It seems you have e-cig shops opening everywhere now, unfortunately not a mirage shop near me, so i still buy on-line, as i have found nothing else that comes anywhere near the quality and reliability of mirage products - Steve Bragg Nov 2014
  • Thank you Mirage for giving me a better quality of life - DM October 2014
  • Excellent Service and quality - Darren July 2014
  • Helpful Staff in your shops, made the choices easy to understand - Frank May 2014
  • Thank you so much for Quality service yet again. No other E Cig dealer has a patch on you guys.          Geoff Burnett..........Dec 2013
  • I have been a heavy smoker for over 40 years. I had never tried e-cigarettes & your e-liquid was the first I tried... AMAZING!........Patricia  DEC 2013
  •  The quality of the product is very good & gives a realistic smoking experience.........
  • .......Quite a few e-cig shops have opened near us recently so I bought another type of e-cig to try, but it really isn't a patch on Mirage.........
  • ........so I will be sticking with your brand as it delivers.  Jill Chesterfield May 2013
  •  Thanks for the excellent help and advice I got from your staff at Manor Top store.....
  • .........and shall most certainly be paying another visit when I require more assistance.  Ricky April 2013
  • What a pleasure it is to phone a company and get great service! Thank you......
  • ....I have been dealing with your company for 3 years now and it has always been a good experience...
  • .....Your products are superb with service to match. Robert April 2013
  • My electronic smoking bill is approx £15-£20 p/m. It's not killing me, I don't smell, I don't have bad breath or yellow fingers and I'm much better off financially....
  • .........The staff here are really helpful and friendly. A* service. Thank you - Mirage Cigarettes for helping me - Peter, Sheffield, Jan 2013
  • Smoked since 16 now 63 and not had a ciggie for a month. They really work, Andy, Tenerife, Jan 2013
  • Thanks for your brilliant help, advice and very friendly service. I bought mine and its great.   Martin, Sheffield, Jan 2013
  • Best tasting tobacco e liquid of any I have tried, from Mirage.......
  • ..............That's why I keep coming back to them plus the friendly service..........
  • .........One doesnt feel like a number with them.  Brian,  London,  Jan 2013 
  • I have been a Mirage customer for over 3 years now.........
  • .......the electronic cigarettes and service is 1st class, Sept 2012, Colin.
  • I can highly recommend Mirage Electronic Cigarettes, April 2012, Siobhan.
  • The GoldStar is amazing!, Sept 2012, Marie Morris
  • My wife and I have been using your Goldstar vapes for about 3 weeks.........
  • ........and can honestly say yours is streets ahead of the others that we have tried (E-Lites and Cigirex)
  • What a fantastic product. Your Eros Electronic Cigarette gives a perfect delivery every vape!..........
  • .........I live in tenerife and cigs are so cheap but I have not smoked a cigarette since using the multi voltage EROS.......
  • .........Many thanks for your personal advice and prompt delivery and after sales service kind regards Andy Kmicic Aug 2012.
  • Thank you Mirage Electronic Cigarettes for a wonderful service and product!!, April 2012
  • Advice for those people like me who tried to compare which is the best electronic cigarrette on the market, look no further, you've found it!!
  • I was a 20+ a day 'analogue' smoker for over 30yrs until I discovered Mirage Electronic Cigarettes, April 2012
  • Mirage Cigarettes have totally changed my life and changed my habit.
  • My 'smokers' cough has gone and I am much more 'sweet smelling' and I would like to think more kissable!!, April 2012
  • I purchased a Hybris tank from you a few weeks ago, it's absolutly brilliant... Feb 2012
  • Since then I have ordered a few bits and pieces and your service is impeccable....Thanks.
  • Hi there, firstly, great product! I haven't smoked in about 4 months! ..... Feb 2012
  • I would like to thankyou for a great product "Zeus" and the super fast delivery. I ordered Thursday and it came Friday morning.
  • I will highly recommend you to other people and having used many other e-cig brands this is by far the best I've ever used.
  • I ordered your Mirage Hybris and am pleased to say i am really happy. Not only the product but your service.Thank you again.
  • Also just to let you know since i got my Mirage Hybris i have not smoked and usually a 10-15 cigarette a day.
  • I can finally breath. Saved about £40 a week. What a result. Feb 2012
  • Hello Mirage, Excellent service. Product arrived promptly although one of the cig doesn't work. Contacted the seller and have quick response.
  • My friend loves it and it has much better taste than any others brands that she tried. Highly recommand. Will buy again from Mirage, August 2010
  • I have tried one other brand of electronic cigarette and this mirage type of electronic cigarette definately gives a superior smoking experience.
  • I am finding that I am using the e cigarette less as time passes. It is comforting to know that it is available should a stressful situation arise. No more TAR. August 2010
  • My wife has now had the Mirage electronic cigarette for one month and not used a cigarette yet.2 bottles of liquid lasted a month. Smoking bill now down from £300:00 per month and no cough.
  • I also phoned mirage once and they were great.Best purchase I ever made Thanks, August 2010
  • Hi Craig, What a pleasant surprise to find a company that actually do what they say, ordered at 2.30pm yesterday package arrived at 11.30 this morning, you cant ask for better than that.
  • This is my very first electronic cigarette and as I explained I am just about to spend 2 weeks with 7 non-smokers, this product could not be better
  • its easy to set up and surprisingly close to smoking a cigarette, Thanks Craig, Iain Gibbs July 2010
  • Oh and awesome product..
  • i've been pushing these things on everyone i know. I actually got the entire School of Rock staff to buy the mirage electronic cigarette.. it is the real School of Rock that the movie with Jack Black was based off.
  • The owner had a bad smoking problem and would smoke in his office..I brought it in one day and he tried it and loved it.. he doesn't smoke cigs anymore just your Mirage e cig.
  • Just wanted to let you guys know that these really do make a difference in peoples lives.. Anyway you guys have a great day..Steven, USA, June 2010
  • Hi, Firstly I want to say thank you for helping me switch to the Mirage electronic cigarette as I have been addicted to nicotine for 50 years.
  • Since I bought your Mirage electronic cigarette starter kit in February this year, I have never touched a normal cigarette and I would like to share this with your readers.
  • I have recommended your company on many of the smokers groups on internet
  • I think price wise and after service you are the best buy, and before I bought the starters kit from you I did study all the other brands on the market.
  • Thanks Mirage, you've saved my life! Cheers Pauline May 2010
  • Just to say how very impressed i am with the fantastic Mirage Electronic Cigarette, nothing has ever worked for me.
  • After trying many, many other products this is working as i lit my last ciggy on the 8th jan and not done it since.
  • With the mirage cigarette i am confident that this is the beginning of my new life, with the mirage cigarette I have told friends and they are going to also try this product.THANKYOU.
  • Hello Craig, Many thanks again for the fantastic service you have given me since buying my electronic cigarette last July.
  • As a 20 a day smoker for the past 26 years a friend introduced me to electronic cigarettes earlier this year so I researced them and decided on trying the Mirage Electronic cigarette.
  • Within days I knew it was unlikely I would use tobacco again and so far I have not even been tempted to smoke another cigarette since 30th July 2009.
  • Everyone in my office knew I was using it and other smokers have started to take a keen interest.
  • I have to say the service you provide is 1st rate and any order is delivered the next day. You really cannot get any better than that. Thanks again for all the help you have given me. Pat Devlin
  • Hello Mirage, I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with both your electronic cigarette product & your company.
  • I decided to have a search on the net & found a review on youtube for Mirage. I liked what I saw so I ordered a starter kit on a Friday. I was totally amazed when it arrived the day after - a Saturday!
  • I liked the product very much & by Sunday morning I was really annoyed with myself for not buying enough to last me over the weekend until my next order arrived.
  • It looks like a cigarette, it feels like a cigarette and it tastes like a cigarette, but cleaner. I don't know how else to describe it, it just tastes cleaner.
  • I've also found that your after sales is just as impressive.
  • One of the batteries in my kit was faulty, something that anyone who buys electronic things knows can happen. I rang up, was sent a replacement. First class all round! Angela Drury
  • At last something that's going to make a difference, my boyfriends been using it 5 weeks now and what a difference it makes to our house/clothes
  • must also say that had a problem getting new order after site had been updated and Jane was really friendly and helped me get my order over the phone x
  • even had a couple of friends wanting the web-site address my sister and friends mum have already ordered theirs....Susan D
  • Hello Craig, I received my spare battery today, thanks a lot, this electronic cigarette is so far the BEST one I have tried as yet. It smokes like a real cigarette
  • I do not have to suck like mad to get a draw off it. It seems to give me lots of vapour.
  • It even looks like a real cigarette. So far I am pleased with the product that Mirage supplies to the public.( big smiles from me ! ) Thanks again Craig. Cheers, Alex
  • Hi Craig, Having been a customer of Mirage smokeless cigarettes for several months,
  • I would like to say how happy I am with the service and products; they have literally contributed to saving my life. Many Thanks, Ralph Willis, A Mirage smoker, Dartford
  • My wife likes my Mirage electronic cigarette she wanted to take it to a kids birthday party to show the girls. I said NO! lol.
  • She smokes Menthol so this order is for all Menthol products and the 110/120 Volt adapter for the US. Thanks,
  • I am using my electronic cigarettes. They really do work. Thanks again, Chuck
  • Fantastic device it really does work haven?t lit a ciggy up all day. Excellet reviews on www.e-cig-reviews.com
  • the range of e liquid is fantastic as is the taste
  • Absolutely Fantastic Service & Product! Not had a normal cig since using this!!!
  • I am absolutely amazed, i have used two other and was recommended Mirage so i ordered one, far better than the other two. Not all electronic cigarettes are the same. This is great, Andrew Oldale, Sheffield
  • Thank you for selling me the best gadget I've ever bought, I can smoke inside, i can smoke easier every smoker should by a Mirage electronic cigarette. A big thank you, Mike Thomlinson
  • Good product I recommend it, I don?t smoke normal cigarettes any more, only electronic cigarette, Thanks, Negrucia
  • Fantastic device it really does work haven?t lit a ciggy up all day.
  • Absolutely Fantastic Service & Product! Not had a normal cig since using this!!!
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